Group Turn-Out!

My babies finally got some company today! Bella and her little filly Felicity have been in the stall next door off and on since Chance was born, and they have been in for the last several days. Chance and Bella are now just barely tall enough that they can touch noses over the stall divider, which is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen! When I put Natty and Chance out today, Natty hung out at the gate and wouldn’t go down the hill to graze and play. I figured she was probably lonely because Bella and Estee and foals have always been in the next turn-out over, so I brought them out too. Natty immediately went down the hill and started grazing happily. Then the other group moved to the far end of their pasture, out of sight, and Natty got all fired up. She ran and ran! I got a little bit of video. After she settled back down, I opened the gate between their two turn-outs, and Natty came right down the hill, calling to Bella, and went through to the other side looking for her. Bella came immediately, and Natty let her through the gate onto her side, but when Estee tried to follow, Natty wouldn’t allow it. She tried twice and was denied both times. I guess Bella is allowed because she’s less assertive and Natty is now used to having her close by. The moms grazed, and although the babies didn’t play, they did approach each other a bunch of times. They also both come to me when I go out into the pasture, which is fun. I hope they’ll start playing together tomorrow, because the little filly is quite a runner and that would be good for Chance. Here are today’s pictures and videos:


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