These horses are getting harder to handle!

The other day I was going to write a post because Natty spooked for the first time while I was leading her. I was happy because it wasn’t so bad – she didn’t even get loose – and now I didn’t have to dread that first incident anymore. Well, today was different. I took both Natty and Chance out of their stall with lead ropes on today since  Chance’s climbing experience freaked me out yesterday. Chance was poking along a step or two at a time, and Natty  was grazing alongside the run as we headed for the pasture. Did I ever mention that the runs are fenced with hotwire? No? I apparently never told Natty either… Natty hit the hotwire somewhere (probably with her nose), and it scared the bejeezus out of her. I am pretty sure she’s never encountered any before. Anyway, she bolted back as best she could straight to the end of the lead rope, and I still had the end and thought for a second I could hold onto her this time, too, but apparently that sneaky monster that bit her was just too scary. She pulled the rope right out of my hand and hightailed it around the far side of the barn and up the driveway. Thank goodness I had Chance on a lead rope today too and didn’t let go of him, because Natty finally realized he wasn’t following and stopped to wait for him, so I was able to get hold of her again, too. If he had been following like a good boy there’s no telling where they would have stopped running! Once I got her rope again and started back toward the pasture, Chance was only too happy to stick close to her and keep up, so we got to the pasture without incident. Then she hung out by the gate and wouldn’t go down the hill to graze at all. She was trying to graze on the grass just outside the pasture, so naturally she scraped her face – probably on the gate when she stuck her nose through it. It’s not bad and stopped bleeding quickly. She did let me put some ointment on it, so hopefully it will heal without any trouble. And fortunately, it’s on her old scar, so she won’t end up with a new one. Chance is also losing quite a bit of hair on the front of his nose – not really sure why. I’ll ask the vet next time she comes, which should be tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve got my skittish girl who doesn’t want to graze because a monster might bite her again and my adventurous boy with the terrible diarrhea to worry about. Not so fun!


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