Chancey’s gonna give me a heart attack!

Well, pipsqueak will be walking to and from the pasture on a lead rope from now on. Tonight I let him follow Natty (which he usually does very well), and be made a detour into the freshly filled shavings pile. This is about 5 feet tall, and it is stored behind our stall and the next one over, so naturally he got back there, Natty saw him and called to him very excitedly to get back where he belonged, and he thought he could just go up the hill of shavings and back to mama. Of course the tractor was parked right too since they just refilled the pile this afternoon. So Chance went up up up king-of-the-mountain style, but then the far side went down again and he didn’t quite know how to get over the wall to mama… so naturally he kept on going through the pile toward the next stall over where Bella and Felicity live. At this point I was freaking out – Bella bites him when she gets the chance, his little feet were slipping, and I could totally picture him either trying to jump back into his own stall or falling down into the bucket of the tractor. Being the idiot/protective person that I am, I naturally positioned myself between Chance and the tractor – if he went anywhere, it was not going to be into the tractor! Then I looked up at him teetering on top of the pile and though, huh, he’s going to spook, coming flying down, and knock me backwards into the tractor. This is bad. I just bit the bullet – I scrambled up the pile, grabbed him around the neck in a big hug, and started turning him back toward the way out. I had to stop part way through the turn to push his little head over my head so I could keep turning him, and then he saw the way out and got down the rest of the way by himself. He went straight back to his stall (through the door this time) with no more detouring. I’m still waiting for my heart rate to slow down. So, the moral of this story is, no more loose colt! No more trusting him to follow along like a good boy! The beast must walk on a lead and stay on the straight and narrow!

In other news, Natty was very frisky tonight. She was running and bucking like a wild young thing, and she looked beautiful! Chancey gave up trying to follow her and waited patiently in the corner of the pasture until she calmed down – I’m sure it was safer because Natty was doing some twists and bucks and kicks to make a rodeo horse jealous. I didn’t get any video because it was nasty weather, but hopefully she’ll do it again soon. And, drum roll please… Chancey is now tall enough to stick his head over the stall door! When I arrived today, both my babies greeted me with their heads over the stall door! I tried to get a picture of this, but the camera was still on video setting. Maybe tomorrow!


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