Post-turn-out blues

Well, Chancey may have overdone a bit when I turned them out. I shouldn’t have left them out so long. He came in on wobbly legs and went straight to sleep, and yesterday he was still more mellow than usual and had very bad diarrhea. I think Natty must have realized he wasn’t up to snuff because she was a terrible cranky protective beast – she nipped my arm and then kicked the wheelbarrow when I tried to come in to clean the stall. She spent most of the visit backed up to the door to keep anyone from coming in, and Chancey spent most of it napping in the straw nest.

Today Natty was in a better frame of mind (but I was the only person in the barn this morning, and she’s usually fine with me anyway). She let me in to clean, and Chancey finally got up. His diarrhea is better and he is nursing and everything, but he’s limping today and wanting to spend as much time as possible laying down in the nest. I checked his leg really carefully, and there is no swelling, heat, or sensitivity in the leg or the hoof, and he’s putting weight on it fine – he’s just really hesitant to take each step. He is otherwise his usual perky self, so I’m hoping he just strained something a little with all the running in the strange footing or else really worked his muscles and stiffened up while resting. If it isn’t better tomorrow I’ll call the vet again. I’ll be out there first thing in the morning because the farrier is coming to rasp his heels anyway, so I’ll be able to check him really early. I wanted to see him stay on his feet and walk a little more to loosen things up, but he really wanted to go right back down. He didn’t even wait for me to get the straw down in the hole in the middle of the stall where he sleeps. I had to shake it out around him, and then he squirmed around and used his front legs to pull the piles up against him. It was pretty cute to watch – looked like he was covering himself up for a nice nap. I hope he’s feeling better tomorrow.


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