Chancey’s first farrier visit

Chancey met the farrier this morning. He needed to have his hooves rasped because, when he was so weak and walking on his heels, the hooves actually get rounded. The whole visit went pretty well. I ended up tying Natty at the front of the stall with lots of food and moving Chance to the far corner of the stall, and the farrier came into the stall to do his feet. Natty only looked up when she ran out of food, but luckily there were a few people there to get her some more. She really does love food more than she loves Chancey. Once Chancey figured out what was going on, he did a great job, He lifted his little feet and didn’t squirm too much (although he did manage to step on my feet a few times). It was a pretty quick job, and afterward he nursed and went down for a nap like everything was normal, so I don’t think he was traumatized at all. Also, his limp is better today, so maybe later this evening or tomorrow he’ll get to go out for a very short turn-out. Oh, and I measured him again day before yesterday – 200 pounds!


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