**There are now 5 videos if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this post**

Big girl and baby boy finally got to go outside this afternoon! Sounds easy, you say? Not so! Lois helped me by leading Natty out of the stall, but then Chancey got his front 2 feet in the aisle and darted back into the stall. I think he didn’t want to cross over onto the concrete walkway. I had to really push and prod and try a couple of times to get him out into the aisle, and then somebody closed the door quickly so he couldn’t get back in. Natty wasn’t even calling him, but she was also walking nicely in circles just outside the barn, so that was good. I managed to get Chancey the whopping 20 feet to the barn door (they are in the corner stall, so it wasn’t far), and he wouldn’t step off the concrete aisle to go outside. He called to Natty and she replied in what must have been comforting tones, and one more good shove got him moving, He actually kept going pretty well down the driveway and into the first turnout. He was pretty mellow when I first let go of him – I was a a little disappointed he didn’t run right away, but Natty went straight to the grass and started eating. He did finally perk up and run around, and so did Natty after she had a good roll that got her halter right off… I didn’t get any video of both of them running because they stopped every time I got the camera out, but I did get a bunch of Chance running by himself. He tripped in the stream a few times, and other times he went in more gingerly and then lifted his feet really high to step out. It was funny. The grass in the bottom of the turnout is so tall that he was really bounding like a deer. He’s so cute! I walked out there to get better pictures, and he came right to me. I was happy to see he’s friendly even when there is so much going on. I left them out for 2 hours, and they came back in so well! I was able to halter Natty with no trouble at all, and then she didn’t balk at all on the walk back inside, and Chance just followed like a good boy right into the stall. He was all tired out, though – his poor little legs were shaking while he took one final nurse before he collapsed in a heap in his straw nest. I was so happy to see them out in the green grass finally! I hope the weather stays nice so they can go out again tomorrow.

Here are the pictures. I’ll add the videos as I get them uploaded!


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