Too careless today

When Chancey was first born, I got in the habit of leaving the stall door part way open when I went in just in case I needed to escape quickly if Natty got aggressive. She never has been aggressive, but I guess I got in the habit of leaving the door open because I still do it. A couple of days ago, one of the dogs came into the stall while I was there without my noticing – I left the stall without seeing him and closed the door. Luckily, I was standing outside the stall talking to someone when Natty started attacking the dog, so I was able to open the door and he escaped unscathed. Today, I left the door partway open while I was grooming Natty, and pretty soon I heard a new boarder say “Oh my, he’s in the aisle!” Yes, you guessed it, Chance was going to visit the neighbors. He didn’t even care that he was leaving his mama, and she barely called to him when she spotted him walking away. I ran out, got my arms around him, and managed to steer and push him back into the stall. I need to do 2 things now: starting closing the door, and teach the little guy to lead in case I forget to close the door and he leaves again.

He continues to be cute and friendly, and Natty was very cooperative with her grooming today, so it was a very pleasant visit with both. Check out my latest video:


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