Tried on an XL bridle today

The verdict is still out on this one – it’s gonna be close if it fits or not. I’ve been trying these without bits, since Natty has never had one before, and this XL bridle looks to me like it might not be long enough for the bit to be comfortable. I’m hoping to try it with a bit while she’s sedated for the vet next Monday. Funny thing is, they tried this bridle on all the horses in the barn who could possibly use it, and it’s too big for ALL of them. That’s why it ended up at the tack sale a few weeks back and didn’t even sell there. Hard to believe Natty is really that huge, but I guess she is. When I signed her up for the vet, their computer program only lets them choose one breed and then they can mark the horse as a cross. They wanted to put Natty in as a Morgan cross, and I said that would be ok so long as they warn the vet that she’s BIG. Maybe I should have had them list her as a Belgian cross instead – might be less misleading. Anyway, we didn’t do much in the way of training today because I was waiting on the vet (turned out she had cancellations and showed up 3 hours early and just did the horses she already knew since nobody was home). I tried on that other bridle and worked on “back” and “get around” because Little Missy is getting too pushy and needs to give me some space. I think she already knows both commands – I barely have to touch her to get her to do them. I’m just working on faster, more consistent response, and a few steps back each time. She’s smart as a whip, this one, so I think she’ll get the idea that she has to work for treats pretty quickly and stop pushing me. She’s getting pretty vocal with me now. I went into the barn a couple times to check on when the vet was coming, and she whinnied to me when I came back each time. It’s nice to know she likes me! That’ll really help come Monday when the vet sedates her for the dental work (and hopefully a hoof trim, too – still waiting on a call back from the farrier). Everybody cross your fingers that goes well! I’ll be back Monday with the full story, I’m sure…


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