We left the pasture today


Leaving the pasture is exhausting! For Natty and her weanling friend, apparently…

I wanted to be able to work with Natty today without the weanling butting in, so I decided to take her out of the pasture. We just went right outside the gate, so not too far. She was okay about it, just a little difficult. I think she wanted to go exploring more than she wanted to put up with me, so she was stomping some and swinging her head around. She was stubborn about lifting her feet for the first time, but I made her back a few times and took a few swipes with the brush and made her lead a little bit and then put her back in the pasture. Somebody walked by with another horse while we were out there, and she didn’t seem to mind that at all, so that’s good news. At least now I know she will act up a bit out there but won’t take off or anything. She went back in alright – she was a little skittish about the gate, but I didn’t have it open very wide because I didn’t want to let the weanling out. Luckily I got her back in safely without letting any of the others out. I got her some plain oats today, and she loved them, even with Mare Plus on them! After she ate the first serving, I mixed in some of the grain she’s been refusing, and she ate that too. Now we’re well on our way to feed-through wormer, haha! I’m glad to be able to slip her some vitamins, too. She was back at her salt block several times while I was there today, so she must have really needed it. The ground all around it is full of hoof prints and all trampled today, so I think she’s been going over there very often.

I was watching her nap in the sun right before I left, and I do think I saw one good baby kick in that big old belly. Hopefully the vet will be able to confirm on Thursday.


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