Haltered without a chute!

Natty and I passed a big milestone today – I was able to halter her in the pasture, probably the first time she has had this done outside a chute. Okay, okay, I know you tame-horse type people think I’m an idiot right now, but this is a huge relief for me. I was a little nervous that if I took that thing off, I’d never get it back on since there isn’t a chute to be had in her new home. But we just took baby steps, and it went just fine. I just petted her and left it on for a few minutes before taking it off again. Hopefully tomorrow it’ll be even easier. I am especially relieved about this because I would like to have the vet out to get her up to date on shots and worming, but I’m not making an appointment until I know I can catch the horse. We’re going down the right road now, that’s for sure! The only other new thing introduced today was a brush, and she thought that was fine. I just did one shoulder since she took her first mud bath and I really needed something more like a pressure washer to clean her up (just kidding!). I met the equine massage therapist today, and she told me Natty and her baby pasture mate have bonded and were playing earlier today. I wish I could have seen that – I hear it was really cute. Natty doesn’t play with the baby when I’m there – she’s really focused on me (which is great – better to bond with her human than with her new herd, in my opinion). No new pics today – I almost got a great closeup of teeth and extender-lip, but I had the camera in my left hand and accidentally pushed the “off” button instead of the “take a picture” button. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some new ones. Natty didn’t eat her grain today. I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll put her Mare Plus on some loose alfalfa from the bottom of the cube bag, because I know she’ll eat that, and I really would like for her to eat her supplement. Not that she probably needs it, but it’s really for my peace of mind. I think that’s all to report today!


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